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Voter's Guide for 2015 Jax elections [23 Mar 2015|10:29pm]
In the last 48 hours, no less than a half dozen people have asked me what I know about the candidates.  So, I am going to share what I know, what I care about, who I am voting for/endorsing and in some cases, who I am Anti-endorsing.
What, you might ask, gives me the power, authority, or clout to do this?  Being an avid voter who is paying attention, has run a campaign, been involved in politics and cares; that is what!Click here for the list.Collapse )

I will only comment on those I endorse, or anti-endorse.  Those are ones I know enough about to make a decision one way or another. While I may or may not give details on why, you are welcome to message me and ask for more details.
·         Alvin Brown-Endorse-will be voting for Mr Brown.-he has done what he said he would do by cutting the budget and helping make the urban core a more vibrant and inviting area.
·         Lenny Curry- Anti-Endorsement- Mr Curry is a politician through and through.  He was head of the Duval county GOP, then the Florida GOP and he will choose party over anything else, even if the party candidate is not the best.  PM me for more if you need to.
Sherriff- This race is a hard one, there are so many candidates and none have any huge glaringly obvious flaws, nor have any outstanding ideas to set them apart.  I am honestly still unsure where I am going on this one.
Supervisor of Elections- This is a race I have strong feelings about.
·         Tracie Davis- Endorse- while endorsed by some groups I would not support, is the only one with SOE experience.  I have worked with Mrs. Davis.  Mr Holland, the current SOE, sent out a call for people registered as conservative to come help in the liberal voting areas.  It is his measure to insure fair and legal elections.  My experiences were shocking (pm me if you wanna know the real election deal) and saddening.  However, Mr Holland with the assistance of Mrs Davis immediately took action to correct these issues.  She has tons of experience and has helped clean up a not so clean system.
·         Mike Hogan-Anti-Endorse- Mr Hogan is a politician, he was rumored to be eyeing a bid for mayor when he suddenly announced a run for SOE.  It is rumored by many (and was confirmed to me by a few political insiders), that this was a ‘consolation prize’ for him to not run for mayor.  Well, that is just the kind of politician we want for a seat right?
At Large group 1
·         Anna Lopez Brosche (REP)- While she is a CPS, and that would lead one to hope she would be fiscally responsible, she is in support of the HRO expansion.  If you are not concerned with the HRO, then I would say she is a good bet.
·         Kimberly Daniels (DEM) - While against the HRO expansion, she has been the queen of drama and has one of the most colorful backgrounds (a demon hunter, exorcist, and ex ‘lady of the night’). Her sermons are often anti-Semitic and hateful towards homosexuals.
·         Terry Reed (DEM)-I don’t have much information on this candidate, other than he wants and entertainment zone downtown (including the return of the splashpark) and talks on his website about an amusement park with fruit trees that you can pick from ? :/ ?
·         David A. Taylor (REP)- Anti-Endorsement- While I did not endorse anyone in this category, I am offering an Anti-endorsement.  He has some sketchy history in some areas and has been suspended from practicing law in the past, charged with assault for waving a hammer at a tenant’s child and threatening I’ll knock your — — head off.”  He was also sued by a state organization for billing for things he should not have and billing a client for over 24 hours of work in one day.

·         David Barron (REP)-Endorsed- Based on his small business experience and his opposition to the HRO.
·         John R. Crescimbeni (DEM)-Anti-Endorsement- I worked for this man over 15 years ago.  He was a horrible boss, and often would refuse to pay overtime, and asked us often to work off the clock to avoid overtime.  At the time, I was 20 years old and had no clue about employment laws.  I hate that he got away with it, and tell anyone I can about how he treated his employees.
·         Theresa Graham (REP)- Opposed HRO but there is little else about her on her website or in other literature.
·         Tommy Hazouri (DEM)-Anti-Endorsement- If you are new to Jax, you may not know that this man has been a State rep, Mayor, on the school board and now wants to recycle back in to the City Council.  He was not spectacular at any of the other things, and it is time for him to get out of politics.
·         Mincy “Praya” Pollock (DEM)- one of the few candidates with a website that has his ‘solutions’.  However, they are not any kind of concrete ideas.  Just buzzwords and talking points.
·         Geoff “Jeff” Youngblood (REP)- Endorsement- his straightforward concrete action points, his response to Jax for Life,  and his history of creating successful businesses are what have led to my endorsement.
·         Samuel C. Newby (REP)-Endorsement- I have had many interactions with Mr Newby at the GOP monthly meetings.  He seems to be a passionate, conservative, pro-American.  He is pro-life and endorsed by the Concerned Taxpayers.
·         Mike Anania (REP)- wants to increase permits and government oversight in many areas including how many people can live in a home (?!?!)
·         Melody Shacter (DEM)- Only candidate with detailed plans on her website.
·         Al Ferraro (REP)- Endorsed by me due to his history as a small business owner, his fiscal stance, and his interest in the problems with the development off Boney road.
·         James Nealis (REP)- Endorsed by me due to pro-life stance and marriage views
·         The candidate for this City Council district was unopposed and will not appear on the ballot.
·         Matt Schellenberg (REP)-Voted against HRO, confirmed pro-life stance, voted against taxes, fiscal conservative, and has experience.

The sad truth is, I live in this district and there is not a single person I want to vote for. We moved in to a district that is comprised mainly of the urban core and downtown, and out of the mainly Oceanway district (which is where we live).  I do not feel we are going to be represented at all by any of these candidates. There also seems to be a severe lack of good candidates, either they are out of touch with reality and have too much drama going on in their campaigns (Sirretta Williams (DEM)), or have a single agenda that is diametrically opposed to my faith and values(James Eddy (DEM)), or  has voted to raise taxes(Reggie Gaffney). In the end, I will be voting for
·         Gaffney due to his votes on HRO and his experience.
I will be voting yes on Expand authority of city inspector general.
I will be voting No on the straw Poll for city employee requirements.

That is it.  I have no other endorsements or anti-endorsements.
If you have questions, feel free to email or PM me.

·         Candidate statements and websites can be found at this location http://www.duvalelections.com/Portals/Duval/Documents/Candidates/2015%20Election/CompleteSampleWeb.pdf
·         HRO supporters- http://api.ning.com/files/gX09JerEUx0jbO1sL2iAmnw41D-pKuHzmNf1CGeRnWDBxzTyewLN3lBv6mA9lbr3TVS0K7ial3hSrKGxKyzYJMisEHC6v1a5/CandidatesHRO2015update.png
·         Corrine Brown’s Quick Picks- http://www.corrineforcongress.com/files/u1/neBrown2015JaxPrimaryQuickPicksMoreDistricts.pdf
·         Biblical Concepts Ministry Voter Guide- http://bcmaction.flstrategiesweb.com/voterguide/
·         Jax young voters guide http://jaxyoungvoters.com/candidates

LGBT  Endorsements- The following candidates were selected for the statements they’ve made in support of expanding the city’s controversial human rights ordinance.
Mayor: Bill Bishop (R)
Supervisor of Elections: Tracie Davis (D)
City Council: At Large Grp 1: Anna Brosche (R)
At Large Grp 2: John Crescimbeni (D)
At Large Grp 3: Tommy Hazouri (D)
At Large Grp 4: Greg Anderson (R)
At Large Grp 5: Michelle Tappouni (R) and Ju’Coby Pittman (D)
District 1: Melody Shacter (D) and Joyce Morgan (D)
District 2: Lisa King (D)
District 3: Aaron Bowman (R)
District 4: Ramon Day (D)
District 7: James Eddy (D)
District 8: Terry Fields (D)
District 9: Glorious Johnson (D) and Garrett Dennis (D)
District 10: Joseph Willis (NPA)
District 12: Abner Davis (D)
District 14: Jim Love (R) and Jason Tetlak (D)
Equality Florida’s Endorsements-These candidates are endorsed based on their support for expanding the city’s human rights ordinance to cover the LGBT community.
Tommy Hazouri (former mayor, currently on school board, Candidate for At Large Group 3)
Michelle Tappouni (At Large Group 5)
Melody Shacter (District 1)
Lisa King (District 2)
Marc McCullough (District 7)
Terry Fields (District 8)
Lynn Sherman (District 8)
Glorious Johnson (District 9)
Jim Love (District 14).

Jacksonville For Life- asked candidates to stand up against abortion
Only Raymon Day, Matt Schellenberg, Doyle Carter, and Jeff Youngblood responded saying the would stand for life.
Concerned Taxpayers of Duval County: a group of citizen watchdogs advocating for efficient, transparent local government since 1987.
Tracie Davis for Supervisor of Elections;
Anna Lopez Brosche for City Council at Large Group 1;
John R. Crescimbeni for City Council at Large Group 2;
Geoff “Jeff” Youngblood for City Council at Large Group 3;
Greg Anderson for City Council at Large Group 4;
Samuel C. Newby for City Council at Large Group 5;
Mike Anania for City Council District 1;
Al Ferraro for City Council District 2;
James Nealis for City Council District 3;
Ryan A. Taylor for City Council District 4;
Connie Benham* for City Council District 6;
Glorious Johnson for City Council District 9;
Abner Davis for City Council District 12; and
Jason Tetlak for City Council District 14.
*Ms. Benham is a Vice President of the Concerned Taxpayers.
Furthermore, we urge the passage of the Charter amendment related to expanding the powers of the Inspector General’s office.  This will bring greater independent oversight of all government functions.
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Mommy Guilt [13 Mar 2015|06:42pm]
[ mood | Reflective ]

I recently read a blog about Mommy guilt and living in the past. It hit a nerve so hard in me. Alex's first 5 years were overshadowed by a very dark period in my life. There were days that at 3 and 4 he was caring more for me than I for him. Days spent watching videos all day from my bed while I just fought the dark clouds of PPd that had turned to Severe Depression. We lost so many mommy & me opportunities, and never did make homemade play-do or go to the hands on museum. Fast forward 10 years and he is an only child with no siblings. I feel my own health struggles stole the joy of playing forts with younger siblings. For about 10 years I have felt so guilty for not having more children, by birth or adoption. And after reading that article (and seeing the life my husband has with no siblings vs mine with siblings), I am letting go of so much guilt, false desire, and shame. I realize my fevered desire to have so many more children was fueled much by the desire 'to get it right' with the next one. Hey, if you know my kid, you know I didn't do so bad the first time.

It is ok to have one child, or no children even. And the fact that some in my family and social circle have many, or none, makes them no better or worse a mom than me. My neighbor has 7 beautiful children, and for a long while, I used to be so jealous. Seeing them play together, and the great fun they have with each other. But then, one child affords me things she will never have. I pick up and go with one child much more easily. I get to run the clubs and plan events for the families with those kids.

I am looking down the tail end of my child rearing. My husband and I are excited by the idea that we will be able to have that couples only time we never got by having our child right off the bat. Embracing the opportunities that this lifestyle affords me is much better than longing for something that is not reality.

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St Valentine's day. [14 Feb 2015|04:25pm]
St. Valentine's day may be a day that has been overwhelmed by commercialism and the greeting card industry, but so has every other holiday....do you boycott and hate on Christmas or Easter for the same thing?
And who invented it?  Greeting card companies? the chocolate industry?  Try the Christian church.  St. Valentine was a real person.  There were actually 5 martyrs for the faith name Valentine, Valentino, or Valentina.  They all died for their faith in one way or another.
The one that is most well known was in trouble with the Roman government for several things.  One of those was the marrying of Christians in religious ceremonies.  It was against the law for them to marry in religious ceremonies, or even to marry at all if they did not renounce their faith.  They were being persicuted by the government and not allowed free travel.  But St. Valentine helped, and for that, he was killed.  But even before he was killed, the ruler liked him and asked him again, to repent of his faith, denounce it and he would be spared.  But he again said no, he would not denounce it, so he was killed.
So, can you find a lesson in this?  Doing what you believe in regardless of what the government says. Honoring love, even if it is not yours.  Being able to stand so strong in your faith, that when the leader of the world (at the time that was what the roman ruler was) asks you to denounce it, you would rather die.
Tell me again why you hate St. Valentine's day?
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need ideas [21 Feb 2009|01:45am]
I know, I am a stranger here...but I read your journals so often...I just am not in a journaling season in my life. 

so...why am i writing tonight...
I need ideas.

We are planning a trip to Dallas in a few weeks.  On the way home we have an extra day or two (we are not rushed this time) and want to stop and do a few things on the way.  We learned this year about the Louisiana purchase and american history, so we would love to stop and do something of that kind.  But, I am not having luck finding things along the way.  We love to stop at small great historical places that maybe arent the big touristy trap kind.

so...any ideas?

Also, we will be in Dallas for 4 days...any ideas what to do there interesting?

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[29 Jan 2009|10:20pm]

I am excited about this! I love giving gifts and sending things to people!!! Please sign up

The first seven (7) people to respond to this post will get something made by me.

This offer does have some restrictions and limitations:

- I make no guarantees that you will like what I make. I will not take requests.(suggestions are welcome)
- What I create will be just for you.
- It'll be done this year (2009).
- I will post a second post that will be screened for addresses and contact info.
The catch is that you have to put this in your journal as well, if you expect me to do something for you.

The seven people will be confirmed once they put this into their journals as well.
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repost of 14th day [15 Jan 2009|09:50pm]
This is the picture from yesterday.  Leftover fried rice for dinner. 

14/365 14/365

Fried rice leftovers for dinner

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14/365 [14 Jan 2009|11:23pm]
Tonights dinner...leftover fried rice from last night. Not great, but it is too cold to crawl out of my terrycloth robe :)

check my blog at
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blog [14 Jan 2009|02:22pm]
Ok, so I do not feel like cross posting so you will have to go see my updates for project 365 at


hope you enjoy.
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[14 Sep 2008|05:55pm]
Merriam-Webster defines illness as an unhealthy condition of body or mind

I don't even know if I can write this in one sitting.  God has shown me so much it is starting to seap out of my eyes....in those little releases....tears.

We sang this song in church today and at practice last week this controversy was a concern because we did not want it to taint this newly introduced song.  I did not look up the information till after our service because I wanted to sing it with all faith and enthusiasm that it deserved as a song filled with God's truth does.   And it touched me profoundly.

Just a moment ago, something made me go google the name Mike Guglielmucci .
Let me give you a bit of background on this first.

MG is pastor of a church in Australia.  He comes from a christian background and has written many worship songs.  His latest called 'Healed' was written allegedly as a testimony of his bout with cancer.  The problem is, he never had cancer.  For over two years he lied to everyone, even his wife and family.  The truth was just as sick.

You see, this man...human like us all...was and is struggling with a profound addiction to pornography.  It made him physically ill almost daily, he was upset to the point of losing his hair. 
Today I see now what God is doing...because the truth is, this man is very ill and he desired deeply to be healed by God.

This is an illness I know all too well.   I have had members in my family who have suffered from this addiction since I was a child.  Too young to understand what it was, or how to help, I saw it destroy my own father.  I have seen it ruin marriages around me and in recent years I have watched some of those closest to me ripped apart by sexual addiction.   One of the hardest parts was watching them be shunned by their fellow Christians.  Watching them have to go across town to support group meetings because they did not want anyone to know.  Not being able to even find someone to be an accountability partner, because it is such a taboo sin.

Now I understand, it isnt like we all want our sins...our worst sins...plastered across our foreheads.  But the sin of sexual addiction is almost never talked about in our churches and even more rarely forgiven.  It is one of the few still 'taboo' sins.  (uhm shouldn't they all be railed against and thought of as taboo?  just wondering)

So I pray, that God will use this for His glory.   I pray that people will start shining the light in the dark corners.  Being there for those who struggle.  Being honest with themselves about their sexual health(it is about so much more than disease).  The word says that in Light, darkness cannot hide.  In darkness, there is no Light.  Once we stop ignoring the darkness...stop running by it scared to shine into it...then it goes away.  We ignore things, praying for it to go away.  How about we pray to know how and where to shine our lights.  I saw one candle light another 100 candles two Christmases ago,  making a nearly pitch black room light enough to read a book.  So, maybe...this nearly dark little corner of our church can use a few candles. 

I know there is someone out there who needs to know and hear this.  So, if you have more questions.  If you stumble upon this, and need help...I know two things you need to do.

Pray.  God is there...even in the darkness and the filth, He can reach you.  In fact, He has been waiting for you to call out.

If you need to find a place here on this earthly rock to get help, here are two websites that have saved the lives, souls and marriages of people close to me.
www.xxxchurch.com-a place to find help and information or to even volunteer to help others in ways you may not have ever realized are out there.

www.sa.org- an organization based in the 12-step tradition and a way to hold yourself accountable. 

~~God's little candle
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prayer request [11 May 2008|11:04pm]
This may be a weird request, but I feel compelled to ask and bear with me as I tell a long story  .  Today we went to the beach for the Pops Concert with the Jacksonville Pops Orchestra.  Mike and Alex went down to the beach as I sat in the grass, and they met a young boy named Ben.  I don't know his last name or his mother's name.  He saw Mike and Alex and played with Alex and at one point Mike overheard him tell Alex he was very lucky to have a father.  Alex was shocked and dismayed that this boy didn't have a father.  Ben followed Alex back to our area and then went to get his mother who then also moved her blankets to our area.  From our conversations during the rest of the night, I found these things out and would ask you to keep them in your prayers.  Ben is adopted, and was a ward of the state before he was 3, he was born with exposure to drugs and has had long term problems due to that.  He has been in the hospital 3 times since Feb. for a rare disorder that caused his growth plate in his femur to rupture.  They found out that he was actually going through puberty at the age of 7.  He now has to have shots every three months to stop this early onset of puberty till he is at least 13.  During this time his mother who adopted him (he was a foster child of hers before that and she is a single mom) ended up losing her job due to her need for excessive time off.  She is now unemployed, has a son with medical disabilities and is looking for a job.  She is driving Monday to apply with a hospital in Georgia (she just graduated for medical coding) which will be near her father. 

I know this seems like a strange thing.  We may not know her name or some of the details, but from my conversation with her I could just see that she is in need of God's help.  She loves her son, and wants to give him all the things he was missing in his old life.  She is also lonely and said as much in so many ways during our conversation.   Please, just pray as you are led, I don't know what they need, but God Almighty does. 

Thank you for putting up with my ramblings. 
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you need to go see this movie!!! [29 Apr 2008|02:08pm]
Ok, our youth group (which we are sponsors of) went out to see Expelled.  If you have not seen it go!  I was gonna wait till it was out on dvd but then i thought i should support it in the theaters so that other movies like this can get made.  Even if you dont fully agree, it is educational in its own right.
I am not good at html so below is just the link to some info on the movie.  Find it in your city and go see it!!!!!

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the first meal [02 Feb 2008|08:24pm]
yeah, seems the question after my first meal was "did you vomit" and yes I did.

We were given the go ahead to have food, mushy or easily digested. 

So I had some soft scrambled eggs and a bit of ground beef.  I didnt chew very well.  And overate a bit.  So yeah I got nausiated a bit and had to hit the bathroom and just gagged and seemed to wretch a bit.  Nothing came up but some phlegm but I learned a very quick and valuable lesson.  Small bites, no matter how soft the food and chew till you cant stand it.

I have done better with the other foods I ate.  But then today I wasnt hungry at all till not (8pm) so I am wondering if I am only going to eat every other day. 

I need to find a place to get good recipes for natural yet low carb foods.  I dont like processed foods so much.  I am going to take pics every 25lbs and then make a slide show.

take care guys and thanks for the feedback.
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Update on WLS [01 Feb 2008|06:24pm]
Ok, today was my one week after surgery check-up.  I had to weigh in and discuss my next 3 weeks till my first fill (they fill the bad slowly to decrease the size of my stomach and thus help when I hit weight loss plateaus).  Till that time, I have to watch my carbs because I could really negate the band if I eat all carbs and such. 

so, you may be wondering...how am I doing?

I feel sore and tired quite often, but doing well and the best part is

I have lost a total of 24lbs in the past 2 weeks and 2 days!!!!

Granted, I have a long way to go, but we are working on it.
I am so looking forward to having my brother come home from deployment in June and not recognizing me!!!

So, prayers are as always still welcome, but I want you to know your prayers have just been gloriously answered thusfar.

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Alex's baptism [19 Jan 2008|03:35pm]
I haven't written about it.  Because I dont know that I can even put things into words.  I can describe what happened, but do you ever really capture it all in words. 

I will say that he was so excited the whole morning.  We made sure his best friend was there, they werent going to come to church (they attend without their parents) so we went and picked them up.  Both sets of grandparents attended.  I sang in the worship team and we sang my father's favorite hymn, How great thou art.  He isnt a believer but was raised by a preacher and a great singer.  I think honestly though, my father was the most proud, he was s quiet and reserved the whole day, which for him is completely not his character. 

Mike got to baptize Alex, which I think is beautiful.  They read the bible together every night and have for a long time.   It is something I think a father should take some charge in,  mothers tend to be the heart of the religious body, and sometimes fathers get put on the back burner in regards to the religious education of their children...so I am glad Mike has taken on the role he has.

I will say my favorite thing about the whole experience was his face when he came up out of the water.  He was smiling so big before and then went down and came up with a grin even bigger and gave this look to the congregation like "hey look at me!!! I got Bap-uh-tized!!!''.  I almost expected him to bow.  He just kept this grin and looked at the congregation for long enough that there was a giggle through the body.   

When we were headed out to lunch afterwards with our family, I asked Alex if he felt any different.  He cocked his head and winked one eye and said "yeah, I feel different when I wink now'' and we laughed....then he said 'hey wait, i cant feel my heart....I wonder if it is alive again yet''.  we rolled laughing....

Since then he has taken very seriously his role as a voice for the Lord.  This past weekend I had abdominal pain and was considering heading in to the ER where my sister works.  Alex came in and stated that he had prayed and i would be better any minute.  I asked him if I wasnt what then.  He said well....lets see.  When after 10 minutes I was still in pain he asked why wouldnt i be healed if he prayed.  I explained that perhaps God wanted me to talk to someone in the hospital so I have to remain in pain for a bit longer.   At that he sat down on my bed and made sure I was qualified.  He asked if I believed, whether I had repented, and confessed the Lord as my savior.  He then said very matter of factly, "ok I think you can now go and tell others....so lets go to the ER."

He is something else that little man :)

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need someone else's memory [01 Jan 2008|01:45am]
ok, yes i will write a post late about Alex's baptism when I have finished processing all my emotions.

first, i need someone with a better memory than me to help me out
Mike and I were talking about shows we watched as a kid, and I remembered this one...there were kids that often went to a shop of a man who fixed things.  They would come with problems and such and he would help...and often there was this puppet character who would steal a part or piece of whatever the project or problem was.  He would go and talk about it ...I can only remember bits but it is driving me mad!!!

ANyone remember this?  would be in the late 70's early 80's I guess.

help if you know what I am talking about.
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Trash Shopping Continued... [28 Dec 2007|06:39pm]
[ mood | exhausted ]

yeah, my husband is hooked now.  He even rides through the neighborhoods in the back of the van with the side door opn(never more than 15 miles an hour) and just jumps and searches boxes before I can even fully stop. 

Last night's haul included but is not limited to

  • 3 tv's; one large 27 inch trinitron, and 2 tv/vcr combos (one works fully the other just the tv)
  • large bulletin board
  • brand new VCR
  • Working pc with monitor
  • second 17'' monitor
  • typesetter (have no idea but it looked cool)
  • iron wood cradle (gonna use it as a planter outside, but love the look)
  • Large GI Joe Tank
  • usable chest of drawers
  • several plastic totes (large storage containers)
  • Moses bed for baby (we are sending it to my neices for their dolls)
  • plastic and wood edging (the exact kind I saw at Lowe's and couldn't afford)
  • a nice animal carrier for our rabbits, to transport them to the docs (very nice one)
  • wine and sparkling grape juice
  • shark cordless electric sweeper
  • another bike (we are giving a neighbor boy who is Alex's BFF who is very poor and has no bike)
  • and a few other things i am sure
The printer copier from the first night is not working.  And one of the monitors from the first night isnt working.

We are planning on gathering a lot of semi useful electronic equipment and trying to barter with a guy at the flea market, or one of the local pawn shops to trade a few working monitors and tvs for a flat panel monitor for the house. 
In response to the questions ...no we dont  have to dumpster dive.  But, we are considering adding a local organic store to our weekly route and perusing their dumpster cause I hear they are great for gleaning. 

After seeing how much stuff people throw into landfills...i am just appalled!!  One house we gleaned was throwing out rolls and rolls of wrapping paper.  most of which were hardly used....and it wasnt in the recycling bin...just in the trash.  I am thinking we may do this on a regular basis and start selling stuff at the flea market or giving it to some local 'resale' shops that work with the homeless around here.  I know of a local boys home who is always asking for small motor items and cars for the boys to learn a skill with.  I may start looking for that stuff. 

By the way, most municipalities wont allow you to throw monitors and such into the garbage landfill.  However, garbage men have no time to peruse the garbage and see what is and isnt allowed...please check your local ordinances and comply with safe disposal of your garbage items. 
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Trash Shoppin' [27 Dec 2007|04:47am]
[ mood | excited ]

Well, it is the day after Christmas and someone mentioned getting stuff from the trash. I laughed and thought...hey tonight (Wednesday) is the night before trash day, plenty of people have tons of Christmas trash.

So, we went out for about 5 hours just driving around and looking through neighborhoods (with a 1 hour stop for food) and this is what we got. (not all electronic items have been thoroughly tested, just plugged into our ac/dc adaptor in the car)

  • A Soccer Goal(nice metal one with net intact)
  • Adjustable Basketball goal
  • nice metal and wood shoe rack
  • Telescope with stand
  • rechargeable Ryobi 4 volt drill with bits and attachments
  • scanner fax printer copier with sheet feeder and network capability
  • unused vhs tapes (about 6)
  • a nice folding camp chair (for use with our many bonfires here at the house)
  • a cd/tape/radio
  • art desk with adjustable tabletop and under top storage like this one
  • metal frame papason chair (needs new cover, but is perfect for alex who likes to curl up in chairs)
  • a nice bicycle with front and rear shocks and is really quite nice...even if we need to fix a few small things
I was gungho and Mike was all like bored till he started getting cool stuff.  He is now playing with the copier.  We are going out Sunday night to the nice part of town and seeing what we can find.  A few of these things are things we have wanted for a while just couldnt afford (like the soccer goal which is at least $75) and others and just fun things that we can use.    Just one way to Recycle-Reduce-Reuse!!

Alex is excited! he loves to recycle!  All night he kept saying "I love trash shopping!!!"  yeah, he was up till almost 5am with us, but being homeschoolers, we can sleep late :)
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Explosion rocked my world [20 Dec 2007|12:22am]
Many of you may in passing hear of the chemical plant explosion that happened in Jacksonville today.
At 1:30pm I had my head on my pillow after 4 days of hardly sleeping when something that sounded like a sonic boom, but felt like an earthquake happened.

The lights flickered and we all thought it was perhaps a transformer that blew.

About 45 minutes later our lights went out for about an hour.

Well, this is a link to what happened.

Now to understand, I live about 3.5 miles (as the crow flies) from this plant. I can not imagine the force of the blow if, from over 3 miles away, my house shook and the doors rattled and miniblinds swayed.

We are so lucky it wasnt something more. As it is, the plant processed everything from gasoline to arsenic and that is now floating in the air around us. My sister works in the ER at the county hospital and says it is sad and scary the injuries she is seeing. She also said many are sick with respiratory problems from the smoke.

All I can say is wow! God has provided for many in the past two weeks in our city....first the parking garage collapse and now this...yet only 4 deaths. There are some busy Guardian angels!
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[04 Sep 2007|01:18am]
[ mood | full ]

Ok, if you know about my blog on Obesity Help I have been updating it regularly. Well, if you lost the link it is, http://www.obesityhelp.com/member/valenciafl

I do tend to cross post them here, but if you specifically want surgery updates, they will be there.

If you dont want to go check it out let me give you the great news. In a week I have lost 10lbs! yeahoo!!! In the past two weeks I am down about 14lbs.

If this keeps up, by the time my insurance gets its act together, I may not want to ahve the surgery ;)

I can thank a baseball game for giving me the motivation to stay on this low carb thing so far. I broke 2 seats at a local minor league game...while with a church group. yeah, i freaked inside, and ended up taking the kids to the park area they have there to get away. I am sure people felt so sorry for me...other than the rednecks who shouted rude comments as I fell the first time. Oh well, maybe I need a few embarresments along the way to kick me in the more than ample rear end.

I do have to say, there is not much to eat when you are limited to only 30 carbs per day!!! omgosh you would not believe how many carbs foods have. Even iceburg lettuce has some carbs. Tonight I desperately wanted to eat out. It is hard, so we hit up the Ruby Tuesday salad bar. Two nice salad plates later, I felt full for the first time in a week, and hd only consumed about 10 carbs. I came home and had strawberries and cool whip for dessert...4 large berries and a few tablespoons of the whip are only 7 carbs. Still a lot when you only have 30 but I desperately wanted something 'comfort food' like.

I miss carbs and i realize I am an addict, but I will work on it...slowly but surely. I wonder if the 12 steps would help. I wonder if there is group for carb addicts. I mean I am going through regular DT's. I am shakey and grumpy and on occasion sweaty, and man do I lash out at people.

Okay, something I have learned, and am saying to alex alot these past few days. You arent hungry, you are bored. It is amazing now that I am on this journey and in such distress that I see it,and can see him going down the same road. Granted, he is 7 but he cant be hungry as much and as often as he claims. I dont want this for him. or you....any of you on this list. Remember, sometimes you arent hungry...just bored.

the incredible carb counting princess,

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two days down and about 1000 more! [02 Sep 2007|11:09pm]
Ok, so I had to start the low carb thing. I hate it! I am sure now I am an addict. I am now ready to admit that I really probably do ahve a problem with food addiction.

but, i am here to report a good thing!!

Monday I weighed 403( i think that was my total). I weighed before I went Wednesday and was down to 398. Today I jumped on after 2.5 days of low carbs i was down to 393.

total of 10lbs in a week. That is some water weight i know...but it is still a wonderful feeling. I dreamt of linguine all night. Yeah I am addicted.

So, I have to stay on this for a while more...till surgery. THis is of course to shrink my liver and help in surgery. Because the liver covers over the stomach, if I shrink it, I will have more room for them to maneuver in there. I hope it ends up working because if not he wont do the surgery.

So, here it is...I am Valencia and I am addicted to carbs and sugar. And I am ready to recover.
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