jcjava (jcjava) wrote,

St Valentine's day.

St. Valentine's day may be a day that has been overwhelmed by commercialism and the greeting card industry, but so has every other holiday....do you boycott and hate on Christmas or Easter for the same thing?
And who invented it?  Greeting card companies? the chocolate industry?  Try the Christian church.  St. Valentine was a real person.  There were actually 5 martyrs for the faith name Valentine, Valentino, or Valentina.  They all died for their faith in one way or another.
The one that is most well known was in trouble with the Roman government for several things.  One of those was the marrying of Christians in religious ceremonies.  It was against the law for them to marry in religious ceremonies, or even to marry at all if they did not renounce their faith.  They were being persicuted by the government and not allowed free travel.  But St. Valentine helped, and for that, he was killed.  But even before he was killed, the ruler liked him and asked him again, to repent of his faith, denounce it and he would be spared.  But he again said no, he would not denounce it, so he was killed.
So, can you find a lesson in this?  Doing what you believe in regardless of what the government says. Honoring love, even if it is not yours.  Being able to stand so strong in your faith, that when the leader of the world (at the time that was what the roman ruler was) asks you to denounce it, you would rather die.
Tell me again why you hate St. Valentine's day?
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