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...consider the lilies....

my fertile ground of faith...to bloom where i am planted....

14 February 1976
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i think so much can be said on this
i am a stay at home mom
i am a wife
i love Christ....
i want to submit more to both my husband and my God...but never completely succeed at either

i want to eat healthier,
more natural,
more organic
My husband has his own law firm and we are trying to make that work in a crazy life of homeschooling and other passions.
i dont have 'conventional' beliefs,
often i think for myself and form my own ideas and interpretations.
i dont buy into any one group of people completely.
i am a registered Republican and work on issues near and dear to my heart, but
yet i used to run an organic food co-op and wish people would love the land more...
i am for less government
and more personal responsibility...
i am for marriage
as defined as one man one woman...
i want to be able to raise my children in a home where my faith can be expressed...
i want to...

discipline my child
love my child...

not immunize my child.... homeschool my child

and allow my child to live in a safe world....

all without someone calling my husband's office on me :)

in 2008 i had a weight loss procedure called LapBanding, i am now on a journey to lose over 200lbs here is my progress so far

If you want to converse i will, I had put in here that i liked debate but i got too many freaks and wierdos accusing me of crap...so if you want to talk ...ok, but i have the right to block or delete, so remember, be nice.

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