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prayer request

This may be a weird request, but I feel compelled to ask and bear with me as I tell a long story  .  Today we went to the beach for the Pops Concert with the Jacksonville Pops Orchestra.  Mike and Alex went down to the beach as I sat in the grass, and they met a young boy named Ben.  I don't know his last name or his mother's name.  He saw Mike and Alex and played with Alex and at one point Mike overheard him tell Alex he was very lucky to have a father.  Alex was shocked and dismayed that this boy didn't have a father.  Ben followed Alex back to our area and then went to get his mother who then also moved her blankets to our area.  From our conversations during the rest of the night, I found these things out and would ask you to keep them in your prayers.  Ben is adopted, and was a ward of the state before he was 3, he was born with exposure to drugs and has had long term problems due to that.  He has been in the hospital 3 times since Feb. for a rare disorder that caused his growth plate in his femur to rupture.  They found out that he was actually going through puberty at the age of 7.  He now has to have shots every three months to stop this early onset of puberty till he is at least 13.  During this time his mother who adopted him (he was a foster child of hers before that and she is a single mom) ended up losing her job due to her need for excessive time off.  She is now unemployed, has a son with medical disabilities and is looking for a job.  She is driving Monday to apply with a hospital in Georgia (she just graduated for medical coding) which will be near her father. 

I know this seems like a strange thing.  We may not know her name or some of the details, but from my conversation with her I could just see that she is in need of God's help.  She loves her son, and wants to give him all the things he was missing in his old life.  She is also lonely and said as much in so many ways during our conversation.   Please, just pray as you are led, I don't know what they need, but God Almighty does. 

Thank you for putting up with my ramblings. 
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i prayed for them. thank you for taking the time to write about them! what a thing to go through - for both of them. i pray she won't be alone for all of it.
God knows them and they are precious to Him also. I'll be praying for them. Thanks to Alex and Mike for accepting him and the love you all showed the mom as well. Christ works in strange ways. She felt His spirit in you.
I will be praying.