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Voter's Guide for 2015 Jax elections

In the last 48 hours, no less than a half dozen people have asked me what I know about the candidates.  So, I am going to share what I know, what I care about, who I am voting for/endorsing and in some cases, who I am Anti-endorsing.
What, you might ask, gives me the power, authority, or clout to do this?  Being an avid voter who is paying attention, has run a campaign, been involved in politics and cares; that is what!

I will only comment on those I endorse, or anti-endorse.  Those are ones I know enough about to make a decision one way or another. While I may or may not give details on why, you are welcome to message me and ask for more details.
·         Alvin Brown-Endorse-will be voting for Mr Brown.-he has done what he said he would do by cutting the budget and helping make the urban core a more vibrant and inviting area.
·         Lenny Curry- Anti-Endorsement- Mr Curry is a politician through and through.  He was head of the Duval county GOP, then the Florida GOP and he will choose party over anything else, even if the party candidate is not the best.  PM me for more if you need to.
Sherriff- This race is a hard one, there are so many candidates and none have any huge glaringly obvious flaws, nor have any outstanding ideas to set them apart.  I am honestly still unsure where I am going on this one.
Supervisor of Elections- This is a race I have strong feelings about.
·         Tracie Davis- Endorse- while endorsed by some groups I would not support, is the only one with SOE experience.  I have worked with Mrs. Davis.  Mr Holland, the current SOE, sent out a call for people registered as conservative to come help in the liberal voting areas.  It is his measure to insure fair and legal elections.  My experiences were shocking (pm me if you wanna know the real election deal) and saddening.  However, Mr Holland with the assistance of Mrs Davis immediately took action to correct these issues.  She has tons of experience and has helped clean up a not so clean system.
·         Mike Hogan-Anti-Endorse- Mr Hogan is a politician, he was rumored to be eyeing a bid for mayor when he suddenly announced a run for SOE.  It is rumored by many (and was confirmed to me by a few political insiders), that this was a ‘consolation prize’ for him to not run for mayor.  Well, that is just the kind of politician we want for a seat right?
At Large group 1
·         Anna Lopez Brosche (REP)- While she is a CPS, and that would lead one to hope she would be fiscally responsible, she is in support of the HRO expansion.  If you are not concerned with the HRO, then I would say she is a good bet.
·         Kimberly Daniels (DEM) - While against the HRO expansion, she has been the queen of drama and has one of the most colorful backgrounds (a demon hunter, exorcist, and ex ‘lady of the night’). Her sermons are often anti-Semitic and hateful towards homosexuals.
·         Terry Reed (DEM)-I don’t have much information on this candidate, other than he wants and entertainment zone downtown (including the return of the splashpark) and talks on his website about an amusement park with fruit trees that you can pick from ? :/ ?
·         David A. Taylor (REP)- Anti-Endorsement- While I did not endorse anyone in this category, I am offering an Anti-endorsement.  He has some sketchy history in some areas and has been suspended from practicing law in the past, charged with assault for waving a hammer at a tenant’s child and threatening I’ll knock your — — head off.”  He was also sued by a state organization for billing for things he should not have and billing a client for over 24 hours of work in one day.

·         David Barron (REP)-Endorsed- Based on his small business experience and his opposition to the HRO.
·         John R. Crescimbeni (DEM)-Anti-Endorsement- I worked for this man over 15 years ago.  He was a horrible boss, and often would refuse to pay overtime, and asked us often to work off the clock to avoid overtime.  At the time, I was 20 years old and had no clue about employment laws.  I hate that he got away with it, and tell anyone I can about how he treated his employees.
·         Theresa Graham (REP)- Opposed HRO but there is little else about her on her website or in other literature.
·         Tommy Hazouri (DEM)-Anti-Endorsement- If you are new to Jax, you may not know that this man has been a State rep, Mayor, on the school board and now wants to recycle back in to the City Council.  He was not spectacular at any of the other things, and it is time for him to get out of politics.
·         Mincy “Praya” Pollock (DEM)- one of the few candidates with a website that has his ‘solutions’.  However, they are not any kind of concrete ideas.  Just buzzwords and talking points.
·         Geoff “Jeff” Youngblood (REP)- Endorsement- his straightforward concrete action points, his response to Jax for Life,  and his history of creating successful businesses are what have led to my endorsement.
·         Samuel C. Newby (REP)-Endorsement- I have had many interactions with Mr Newby at the GOP monthly meetings.  He seems to be a passionate, conservative, pro-American.  He is pro-life and endorsed by the Concerned Taxpayers.
·         Mike Anania (REP)- wants to increase permits and government oversight in many areas including how many people can live in a home (?!?!)
·         Melody Shacter (DEM)- Only candidate with detailed plans on her website.
·         Al Ferraro (REP)- Endorsed by me due to his history as a small business owner, his fiscal stance, and his interest in the problems with the development off Boney road.
·         James Nealis (REP)- Endorsed by me due to pro-life stance and marriage views
·         The candidate for this City Council district was unopposed and will not appear on the ballot.
·         Matt Schellenberg (REP)-Voted against HRO, confirmed pro-life stance, voted against taxes, fiscal conservative, and has experience.

The sad truth is, I live in this district and there is not a single person I want to vote for. We moved in to a district that is comprised mainly of the urban core and downtown, and out of the mainly Oceanway district (which is where we live).  I do not feel we are going to be represented at all by any of these candidates. There also seems to be a severe lack of good candidates, either they are out of touch with reality and have too much drama going on in their campaigns (Sirretta Williams (DEM)), or have a single agenda that is diametrically opposed to my faith and values(James Eddy (DEM)), or  has voted to raise taxes(Reggie Gaffney). In the end, I will be voting for
·         Gaffney due to his votes on HRO and his experience.
I will be voting yes on Expand authority of city inspector general.
I will be voting No on the straw Poll for city employee requirements.

That is it.  I have no other endorsements or anti-endorsements.
If you have questions, feel free to email or PM me.

·         Candidate statements and websites can be found at this location http://www.duvalelections.com/Portals/Duval/Documents/Candidates/2015%20Election/CompleteSampleWeb.pdf
·         HRO supporters- http://api.ning.com/files/gX09JerEUx0jbO1sL2iAmnw41D-pKuHzmNf1CGeRnWDBxzTyewLN3lBv6mA9lbr3TVS0K7ial3hSrKGxKyzYJMisEHC6v1a5/CandidatesHRO2015update.png
·         Corrine Brown’s Quick Picks- http://www.corrineforcongress.com/files/u1/neBrown2015JaxPrimaryQuickPicksMoreDistricts.pdf
·         Biblical Concepts Ministry Voter Guide- http://bcmaction.flstrategiesweb.com/voterguide/
·         Jax young voters guide http://jaxyoungvoters.com/candidates

LGBT  Endorsements- The following candidates were selected for the statements they’ve made in support of expanding the city’s controversial human rights ordinance.
Mayor: Bill Bishop (R)
Supervisor of Elections: Tracie Davis (D)
City Council: At Large Grp 1: Anna Brosche (R)
At Large Grp 2: John Crescimbeni (D)
At Large Grp 3: Tommy Hazouri (D)
At Large Grp 4: Greg Anderson (R)
At Large Grp 5: Michelle Tappouni (R) and Ju’Coby Pittman (D)
District 1: Melody Shacter (D) and Joyce Morgan (D)
District 2: Lisa King (D)
District 3: Aaron Bowman (R)
District 4: Ramon Day (D)
District 7: James Eddy (D)
District 8: Terry Fields (D)
District 9: Glorious Johnson (D) and Garrett Dennis (D)
District 10: Joseph Willis (NPA)
District 12: Abner Davis (D)
District 14: Jim Love (R) and Jason Tetlak (D)
Equality Florida’s Endorsements-These candidates are endorsed based on their support for expanding the city’s human rights ordinance to cover the LGBT community.
Tommy Hazouri (former mayor, currently on school board, Candidate for At Large Group 3)
Michelle Tappouni (At Large Group 5)
Melody Shacter (District 1)
Lisa King (District 2)
Marc McCullough (District 7)
Terry Fields (District 8)
Lynn Sherman (District 8)
Glorious Johnson (District 9)
Jim Love (District 14).

Jacksonville For Life- asked candidates to stand up against abortion
Only Raymon Day, Matt Schellenberg, Doyle Carter, and Jeff Youngblood responded saying the would stand for life.
Concerned Taxpayers of Duval County: a group of citizen watchdogs advocating for efficient, transparent local government since 1987.
Tracie Davis for Supervisor of Elections;
Anna Lopez Brosche for City Council at Large Group 1;
John R. Crescimbeni for City Council at Large Group 2;
Geoff “Jeff” Youngblood for City Council at Large Group 3;
Greg Anderson for City Council at Large Group 4;
Samuel C. Newby for City Council at Large Group 5;
Mike Anania for City Council District 1;
Al Ferraro for City Council District 2;
James Nealis for City Council District 3;
Ryan A. Taylor for City Council District 4;
Connie Benham* for City Council District 6;
Glorious Johnson for City Council District 9;
Abner Davis for City Council District 12; and
Jason Tetlak for City Council District 14.
*Ms. Benham is a Vice President of the Concerned Taxpayers.
Furthermore, we urge the passage of the Charter amendment related to expanding the powers of the Inspector General’s office.  This will bring greater independent oversight of all government functions.
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